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Pastor Larry has written 4 books:

Church On the Rise, Why I am not a ‘Purpose Driven’ Pastor (2007, 280 pages, $17.00).


“It is my conviction that the evangelical movement is being leavened not only by Pharisaical hypocrisy (Note the prominent pastors whose immoral and private behavior belied their public profession.), Sadducean false teaching (Note the unorthodox and unbiblical teachings that are aired via various media.), Herodian scheming (Note the pragmatism in which the goal of church growth justifies any means to achieve it.), but also through music that caters to the fleshly impulses of participants who confuse emotional catharsis with genuine spiritual experiences.”

Drumming Up Deception, Whether in Celebration or Contemplation– “Feeling” the Beat (2008, 30 pages $5.00).


“For reason of being connected to demons, the devil, and darkness, and when exposed to the light of Scripture, drumming worship appears to be a shady spiritual activity.”

Unshackled, Breaking Away from Seductive Spirituality (2009, 116 pages, $12.00).

Breaking Away From Seductive Spirituality

“Obviously, when the image of God is changed into gods and goddesses, when poly-gendering generates polytheism, when the sacred-sexual on earth is believed to mirror the sacred-sexual in heaven (As above, so below.), when sacred prostitutes become representative incarnations of the gods and goddesses, and when sex becomes a sacrament linking of the human to the divine, the dynamic of relationship with God changes. Sensuality controls spirituality, and divine mystery is reduced to vulgar lust.”

“IN THE NAME OF JESUS”, Oneness Pentecostalism & Jesus Only Baptism (2012, 70 pages, Free). Available in pdf format here 

“In the Acts passages, we have found that the apostles established no contrary baptismal formula to that originally instituted by Jesus at the end of Matthew’s Gospel. The supposed biblical basis upon which Oneness Pentecostalism derives itself is seriously flawed, as are the heretical inferences that have followed upon the heels of that presumption; namely, conjectures that defy the clear Trinitarian teaching of the New Testament faith.”

Books have been independently published, and may be ordered by check made out to “Discernment Ministries” and sent to the following address:

Discernment Ministries, P.O. Box 520, Canton, Texas 75103-0520, phone number (903) 567-6423.

Pastor Larry is available to congregations or groups for pulpit supply and/or conference ministry. Contact may be initiated with him by phoning Hester at (903) 567-6423, on Mondays-Thursdays 9:00 a.m-6:00 p.m. CST.

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